The basic philosophy of establishing a net of KVK’s in the country lies in ensuring house hold food and nutritional security of growing population on our country and proper reorientation and restructuring of the extension planning for judiciaries use of human as well as other resources.

The KVK, Mathura takes up the activities of skill training of farmers by providing work experience On Farm Testing to identify location specificity of technologies in various farmers systems, in-service training of extension personnels to updates their knowledge in frontier areas of agriculture technologies and organizing front line demonstrations to establish production potentials on farmers field and provide feedback.

Frontline Demonstrations (FLD’s)

On Farm Testings (OFT’s)

Other Extension Activities

Advisory Services, Diagnostic visits, Field days, Group Discussion, Kisan Gosthi, SHGs, Kisan Mela, Exhibition, Scientists visit to farmers field, Animal Health Camps, Method Demonstrations, Celebration of Important days, Exposure Visit, Mahila Mandal etc.